“Ears on” pants/joggers

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“Ears on” was designed to help raise awareness and support for children with hearing loss. Each animal has its very own hearing device. A portion of the proceeds will go towards helping children with hearing loss via the lemon-aid fund. If you or someone you know needs assistance with purchasing or paying for hearing devices, please contact the lemon-aids page via Facebook message or direct message on Instagram @ lemonaids4hearingaids.

Grow with me sizes are made to grow with your child for long time use if you have sizing questions please send us a message. Custom sizing available upon request.

size 1 (3months-12months) 

size 2 (12months-3 years)

size 3 (3years-6years) 

For deaf/HOH families use code “teamhearo” at checkout for 15% off

please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping